The error “Function Address Caused a Protection Fault” is related to printing an appears while working on Windows 10, 8 and earlier. It is not specific to a particular Window but appears while using any application other than the MS Office suite document.

Sometimes, this error appears on other applications while trying to print a specific document even on the most advanced Windows 10. There might be some corrupted drivers or file that is causing the issue on your device. It is recommended to check your system properly before moving forward.

Here is how to fix this printing error by following these simple and convenient methods:

Easy Steps to Modify Default Printer

In the beginning, hit Window and R keys at one go on your keyboard. It will launch the Run dialogue box on your screen.

Then, you have to input the following keywords in the provided Run search box followed by the OK tab:
“control /_name Microsoft_Devices _And_Printers.”

Now, apply right mouse click on your desired printer option displayed on your screen for printing your Office related documents.
Note: It is also recommended to hit on the “Set as Default” option for making it default printing device.

Alternatively, you can unmark the box associated with “Allows Windows to Manage my Default Printer” for the same reason. To do so, follow these instructions:

Firstly, launch Run Dialog Box and then type “ms settings: printers” in the Run search pane. Then hit Enter key to proceed.

Next, you have to demark the option that is related to permitting Windows for handling default printers option.
Now, launch the Office program and then print a sample document as a trial basis for checking that the printer is properly working or not.

Upgrading Printing Drivers

First and foremost, you have to check that your driver is corrupted or not. If Yes, then immediately update it with the latest edition of the Printer driver.

Sometimes, it is also recommended to update your faulty driver manually by navigating the Device Manager section. It is advised to keep your system, printing equipment and other devices up to date for best results.
Fixing Error Issue by Using Registry Editor Tool.

First of all, launch Registry Editor by right-clicking on the Start menu located on your Window screen.
Then, tap on “Run” to launch the Run dialogue box.
After that, insert “Regedit” into the available search bar followed by the Enter key.
Next, locate the option “HKEY_Current_User\ Software\ Microsoft \ WindowsNT\ Current_Version\ Windows.” Then hit on it.

Now, set your value data to “1” related to “Legacy_Default_PrinterMode.” It will bring your printer setting to the previous default setups on Windows 10.
Restoring Windows to the Device Restore Point

Firstly, expand your Run box and then enter “rstrui” into it. Then hit the enter key to launch System Restore page.
Then, hit the Next tab to expand a complete listing of restore points.
Now, mark the checkbox “Show More Restore Points.”
After that, choose the particular restore period that can bring your system to the real-time where it is not flashing such issues.

In case, you are in confusion to choose a particular restore point; you may choose the prior restore period for the same.

During restoring the device, all the software installed after that point of time will automatically remove from your device. You can check those by tapping the separate option “Scan For Affected Program.” It will show you all the programs and apps that you have installed after that day, gets removed.
Exit from the program window.

Then, Tap on Next and then Finish tabs for the rest of the restore process.
Finally, reboot your device and check that the printer is properly working or not.

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Windows system gives tremendous speed along with various interesting features. Sometimes, users want to keep their devices from unnecessary files created by default. The most annoying thing is duplicate files that create various obstructions in the smooth functioning of your device.

If your system has duplicate files stored in any drive or folder, it is recommended to delete them. To do so, you have to locate them first where these files exist. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the most preferred duplicate file finders to detect those files. Follow these instructions to know more about various file finders.

Duplicate File Finders

Duplicate File Detectors scans your device’s hard disk and locates unnecessary files or folders that are duplicates of some other related files. These file finders detect and delete these spare files from the device to free up more space. It helps your system is functioning well and for the storage of more data. Sometimes, some files need and created copies of original files in various locations where they initiate their processes.

These duplicate copies or data may restrict other applications from downloading as the lack of space capacity. Deleting will enable you to free extra space on your system.

This file finder software provides a simple scanning interface to its users. It also gives easy to use features with interesting reviews from users. On the one hand, some duplicate file finders require various processes to pursue scanning and removing remove processes. While on the other hand, this program has a built-in section for Preview.

It lets the users see what they are going to remove, such as images, music, and videos. It plays all of them to make you ensure that what you are going to perform.

Using Duplicate Cleaner Pro

One of the most preferred and selected duplicate file detector and cleaner is “Duplicate Cleaner Pro,” that holds various powerful tools having a simple interface features for removing files. It isn’t free, but it provides a free trial to its users, and one can test its quality and features before using it. It doesn’t carry any malware and virus. Therefore, be comfortable and free to use.

Using CCleaner File Finder

It is among the most preferred file cleaner application having various features to scan malicious and infected files. It is a junk file remover tool that frees up extra space by removing various junk files and temporary ones.

Along with the features mentioned above, “CCleaner” scans your device for unnecessary data and then removes them from your device. It holds the “Duplicate File Finder”, a built-in tool.

If you have installed CCleaner on your device, then follow these instructions to launch file finder:

First and foremost, you have to tap CCleaner on your device to expand.
Then, hit the “Tools” option and then tap on the “Duplicate Finder” option. This feature is present in all the editions of CCleaner.
This tool enables the users to locate various duplicate files present on “C” Drive. It is recommended to use this feature by leaving some important hidden and system files. Users may choose other directories by tapping on the “Add” tab located at include section.

It provides easy access to select those items which you wish to delete from the section and also to save the duplicated listing to text files. In case, you wish to view the internal contents of your specific folder, then tap on “Open Containing Folder” option. It allows you to expand your file on your device.

Using SearchMyFiles

It is also one of the preferred file finder applications with various advanced features like filters and smooth scanning processes. The application is developed by the company “NirSoft” that made various free tools. This tool never carries any malware or viruses that may affect your device. It holds customizable filters that are capable of detecting and scanning duplicate and modified files. For example: if you wish to search some files by time and date. You can do so by specifying speculated filters.

Follow these instructions if you want to search duplicate files through “SearchMyFiles” :

First and foremost, navigate to the uppermost portion of the window and tap the “Duplicate Search” option. It is located inside the Search Mode section.
Note: In case, you wish to browse a folder to locate the duplicate file; then you should hit the “Browse” tab located at the right-hand side of the base folder.

You may also search for duplicate files by tapping the search function “Start Search.” Once you hit the tab “Start Search,” then you will get a list of duplicate data and other files. These duplicate files will appear in arranged format into various groups. Then, hit your desired one that you wish to delete.

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Apple is a tech giant in the field of electronic devices, especially smartphones and laptops. With the introduction of latest iOS edition, it provides a new feature of making you aware of the location services running in the background by several apps.

Users encounter various notifications regarding location services that are used by some of the popular apps such as Facebook, Instagram. These notifications appear after updating to iOS 13 on your smartphone. If you have also upgraded your device to iOS 13, then you might face such notification “Facebook has used your location background 34 times.” This feature also asks you whether you wish to continue these location services in the background or not. Here is why it happens:

iPhone Access Mobile Data

This handy notification reminds you regularly to access your device’s data even if you haven’t expanded the particular application. If you have permitted its functionality, then it uses your device’s data by running location services in the background. It may harm your privacy and your data stored in your device.

However, the device automatically detects your rough data related to your location, but it asks for your accurate location. It can use your Wi-Fi services, GPS, and Bluetooth, and if you turn the feature On, then it may access various data related to your device..

Asking for Location for Various Apps

Apple has provided various interesting features to its users. It depends on how and where you wish to allow your device or particular application to access your location. For example; When you are using the Weather app to access various information. The app asks to allow Weather to access your spot to let you know better about weather forecasting information. Then you can take your actions through these options:

Allow Once: This option provides a single access service regarding your current location. The app has to ask the same thing again if it wants to access your data in the future.

Allow while Running an application: It provides permission to your application if it expanded on your device for accessing your location data.

Don’t allow: It’s the default setup, and it doesn’t ask for your location.

Some applications never ask for your current location, but in some cases, these features become more useful. It includes such as knowing the weather status of your area, searching hotels, restaurants, or petrol pump etc. In this case, apps may add several explanations to inform you why they are asking for your location.

Accessing location on iOS Devices

Before the launch of iOS 13, you might have encountered a one-time notification to set your device to “Always.” It is possible that users were using your location for advertising purposes. It means that the previous edition location services run in the background and let you permit for accessing location and forget it.

On the other hand, the recent version of iOS that is iOS 13, provides various features such as it reminds you constantly each time it uses your location. For example, in the case of Google Maps, It can send you notifications, including the apps name, the number of times and number of days. After that, it asks you whether you allow to continue location accesses on your device or not. Apple also provides data quantity that the devices access related to the location.

Disabling Location Warning on iOS Devices

Though there is no specific option to disable a certain app’s background location accessing services. Some users find it very confusing when they wish to deactivate prompts regarding background location access on their device. The best option to turn it off for some time until you use particular apps. It is recommended to hit “Change to Only While Using.” This option will keep you away from annoying prompts related to location accesses in the background unless the app expands on your device.

Interestingly, these messages are less frequently appearing. It is also recommended some time to not mind some location accesses by hitting the relevant option.

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Wi-Fi Direct is considered as the process certificate of second-generation Wi-Fi. It’s servers the users as Wi-Fi Alliance that works on various certified devices such as Digital Cameras, Laptops, Tablets and much more. These are compatible devices that can receive commands from Wi-Fi direct. The alliance members are LG, Intel, Apple, Dell, and Microsoft. Samsung Galaxy S is the first handheld device that works compatibly with this feature.



Here we will discuss more Wi-Fi direct and how to tell others that your system supports it compatibly.


About Wi-Fi Direct


Wi-Fi direct is a unique feature to connect other devices by establishing Wi-Fi connections on your device. It doesn’t need any Wi-Fi router for the connection. It seems impossible, but it’s one of the popular and demanding features providing device supports for a long time. Its work is based on Bluetooth enabled devices for transferring various files and data across multiple devices.


You can use Wi-Fi Direct for even listening to music by using your wireless headphones.


This Wi-Fi feature also works very smoothly on Roku devices. If you already have Roku, then you need not use “IR Blaster” for connecting and commanding through remote controls.


You don’t need to provide the specific Wi-Fi password for connecting your device to Wi-Fi Direct. It works automatically and connects your device if it appears under its range. Users don’t know that they are using Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth for some of your hardware features.


Today, we have multiple devices to connect with Wi-Fi Direct as most of the current Windows 10 compatible devices support Wi-Fi Direct. To connect your devices to this feature seamlessly, you have to make sure that your gadget or PC support third-party hardware to avail its full advantage. It is seen that Xbox One Controllers connects wirelessly and quickly to this feature.


PCs are coming with Wi-Fi radio instead of Bluetooth radio for connecting and sharing files. If your system is compatible with Wi-Fi Direct, then the built-in hardware could enhance your system.


There are some standards used by Wi-Fi Direct. It includes Wi-Fi Service Discovery and Direct Device, WPA2, Wi-Fi Secured Setup, and usual Wi-Fi.


Uses of Wi-Fi Direct


There are various uses of this feature as it is used to connect multiple devices for sharing numerous files across multiple devices. It is used to transfer files such as images and other data. You can share a group of images across two different devices, just like Bluetooth.


Checking The Device Compatibility for Wi-Fi Direct


It’s an easy task to perform on your device. Pursue these instructions to check that your system is compatible with this Wi-Fi feature:


  • First and foremost, tap Window + R keys at one go. Then, you have to enter the following keywords, followed by the enter key:


« Ipconfig_ / all »


  • Then, locate the virtual adapter related option for your Wi-Fi. Now, confirm that it is properly supported on your device.


Adding Wi-Fi Direct to Windows 10


  • First of all, hit Window and I keys altogether to launch Settings window.
  • Then, go to the option “Devices.”
  • After that, tap on the “Bluetooth and Other Devices” section.
  • Now, hit the tab “Add Bluetooth and Other Devices.”
  • At last, add-on your desired device to which you want to make the connection.

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How to Convert Your Videos for Twitter?

You might ask yourself why would I need to convert my videos for Twitter. The answer is Twitter only accepts a particular video format, dimension as well as resolution. Twitter has its restrictions for uploading videos by clip length and size. And you should also consider the fact that most of the users will use their smartphones to watch your videos, so if you use the 4K resolution, then you can imagine what will happen. It is a pretty good idea to convert your clips in advance to avoid the errors and other technical issues due to video resolutions.


About the Twitter Videos

The things you need to be aware of given here. By becoming aware of these factors, you would be able to make a decision about how you would get your Smartphone videos compatible with Twitter.

Twitter allows users to send clips using the direct messages on their platform if you want to do so; however, some users love to upload their clips on their timeline so that the followers can see what they are doing or watching. You are also allowed to remove a clip from your Twitter profile after you uploaded it. Removing a clip is almost identical to removing an image.

You are not enabled to tag people in Twitter videos; however, you can tag other users in any of your images. There is a minimum resolution you can upload is 32 × 32, except keep in mind. It is too small and be supposed to be kept for fundamental animations such as pixel art.

There is the maximum allowed resolution is 1920 x 1200, but you could keep in mind that most of the Twitter viewers will be using their phones to watch your videos, so your efforts to upload the highest quality can be useless.

According to the Twitter team, the aspect ratio of the videos can be somewhere between 1:2.39 – 2.39:1. The maximum frame rate allowed from Twitter is 40 flips as well as the max permitted bitrate is 25 Mbps. For phones, Twitter is restricted to MOV & MP4 videos. On the internet, Twitter is compatible with MP4 and H264 with AAC audio encoding.

Converting to the Right Numbers

The statistics presented above in this article are to signify how you could make your videos ready for Twitter. But, many Twitter users try to upload their files directly on Twitter. Then they wait for Twitter’s error message or other issues with the upload. For illustration, In case a user uploads too large, then the files will be automatically trimmed down, and then it will be uploaded.

Ways to Convert Videos for Twitter


It is a handy online video conversion tool especially suitable for Twitter since it comes with a Twitter preset. In the software, the presets are the options list for choosing resolutions. The additional feature is that you might upload videos directly through a URL, Google Drive, and DropBox.

The utility also enables users to play with a couple of various configurations. For instance, users could choose between the default file size, video codec, frame rate as well as much other. Users can convert their videos into several formats; however, the main formats you should use while transforming videos for Twitter are MOV and MP4.


In case you wish for an incredible or more powerful converter, then give a try and see how powerful the program is due to being an offline software. The tool is entirely free for downloading and using. The app is indeed advanced and has several amazing features that surpass any other online converters, even offline ones like ForMat Factory. The drawback is apparent as it is an advanced editing software and needs a knowledgeable user with having sort of experience in order to access its conversion feature.

Users could try to learn the way to convert a file via it; however, you might miss the cool and advanced features of the software. Blender enables its users to convert, alter as well as decorate your Twitter videos to make them even more appealing.

Which of the Converter Beast is Great?

The first one,, cannot be considered a simple utility. However, the program is pretty quick and straight to access, and for daily use, we would recommend this one. Alternatively, the Blender is a heavy-duty app that is also very complex and difficult to understand. They both are perfect for making your videos ready for the Twitter timeline.

However, if your usage is simple and you want to make additional experiments on your clips, then head to the most comfortable option. Yes, the videos edited with Blender might appear much improved if you do a lot of work on them. Moreover, if you go for the Blender one, then you would be needed to download and install it before starting to convert a video through it.

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How to Fix Taskbar appearing in fullscreen mode

Windows 10 is an effective operating system that introduces several functions that are more or less acknowledged by common users. It always receives timely updates, fixes, software patches, and more improvements, making it an unbeatable version of Windows.


Still, it is a man-made software which may sometimes misbehave and may interrupt your work by showing unexpected issues and error codes. For instance, the popular problem is that its Taskbar stays visible, launching an application in the fullscreen mode, be it a video or a video game. It does not prevent any program or feature from working, but it simply draws upon full-screen programs, which creates an irritating and distracting atmosphere.

About the Windows Task Bar

Its main function is to show the live running tasks and programs. The Windows 10 taskbar is a parallel bar that is located in the Windows operating systems in the lowest area. It is a kind of navigation bar that has links to several programs and features such as Start Menu, basic apps ( can be edited by user), and links to the system clock. It also has some notifications like Internet status, security status, and others. Users are allowed to customize the options and their functions and appearance. For instance, users are allowed to change the transparency Task Bar, add more apps and programs, as well as other options.

Let’s solve the Windows 10 Task Bar displaying over the full screen with a bunch of quick and easy solutions.

How to Prevent Windows 10 Task Bar to Appear on Full Screen?

Method 1: Reboot the Explorer.exe

1.                   Tap the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys altogether to launch the Windows Task Manager. It will popup the Task Manager window.

2.                   Head to Processes.

3.                   Find Windows Explorer, and then tap Restart

4.                   Now the Windows Taskbar will be rebooted automatically.

Method 2: Overriding high DPI scaling performance on Chrome

If the problem is showing up when you are trying top watch fullscreen videos on the Google Chrome browser, then you must obey these steps:

1.       Find the Google Chrome app in the Taskbar or either in the Start Menu by manually searching for Google Chrome.

2.       After that, simply perform a right-click on the app.

3.       Choose Properties

4.       Head to Compatibility

5.       Navigate to Settings

6.       Now make sure that the option saying Override high DPI scaling behavior is selected.

7.       Hit Apply

8.       Reboot the Chrome browser.

Method 3: Disable visual effects

1.       Hit the Windows + R keys together on your computer keyboard.

2.       Enter control.exe

3.       It will launch the Control Panel.

4.       Click on the System and Security option.

5.       Choose System.

6.       Head to the Advanced system settings option.

7.       In the window that appears, choose the Advanced tab from the upper navbar.

8.       Press on Settings, located inside Performance

9.       make sure that the Adjust for performance option is checked and selected.

By the above solutions, you must resolve the Windows taskbar showing up when a full-screen program is running. If you get this guide useful in the above issues, then don’t forget to share this useful information with your companions.

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