How to Stream Local Videos to Chromecast or Android TV

The Chromecast dongle is like a blessing for your TV as this is a dongle or, in simple terms, a streaming media adapter that allows you to stream online files by connecting to any app of your choice Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc. If you’re unaware, then let us break it to you that you can also stream your local files through this fantastic device.

Chromecast can connect most modern TVs and other smart devices. Streaming online files is effortless, but when it comes to streaming local files, it includes a few more steps to get them streaming on the connected device of your choice. It may seem nerve-wracking, but honestly, it is facile. If you want to know how to Chromecast your local files, keep reading the following methods and steps.

Method 1: Use VLC

For those who may not know, VLC is a free-cost open-source multimedia player that plays different types of multimedia files, DVDs, VCDs, Audio CDs, and other streaming protocols. And it runs on all platforms such as iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X. If your device doesn’t have Google Chrome, then VLC will become a great alternative to help you, and you can get it on

Once it is installed on your device, open your file explorer and click on the ‘Playback’ menu on the menu-bar.
It will open a drop-down page; from there, select the ‘Renderer’ option and choose the supported device of your choice to stream your local files.
Method 2: Use Videostream

You’ll need your Google Chrome for this one. Once you have it, download the ‘Videostream’ app from

FUN FACT: This app supports over 400 videos and audio codecs out of the box that allows you to play ANY video on your Chromecast, and it requires no set-up.

Once the Videostream app is downloaded and installed,
Open the app on your device.
Click on the ‘Choose a Video’ button in a blue box in the middle of the page.
Choose the file that you intend to cast.
Once the file is chosen, you’ll get a pop-up page requesting you to select the device you want to stream your local file to.
● Select your device and enjoy the streaming.
Now that we’ve got you covered on how to effortlessly do it, enjoy Chromecasting using either of the two methods.

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Sea of Thieves Update Brings Ghostly Ships, New Weapons, and Rewards

A brand new free update has been recently released by Rare for pirate sandbox Sea of Thieves, under the name of Haunted Shores. With this update, there will be another NPC ship battle in the sea in the form of spectral ghost ships. These won’t just be normal ships but will have a bunch of powerful cannonballs and mines. Alongside, these fragile but deadly ships defend Captain Flameheart, aboard the Burning Blade flagship. An encounter with them can let players earn cosmetic rewards and special damned treasure.

Players now will have two ways of entering into the battle against the ghost fleet. The first way is by seeing a cloud in the shape of the skull of Caption Flameheart in the skies. If it happens this would mean that he is soon going to attack the island and the players can defend it from his armada. The second way is by being on level 25 or above with the Order of Souls so that players can buy a voyage and find a ghost fleet they would want to stop. Anyone can pay for the voyage from Duke, for the period of the Haunted Shore event. This will allow every pirate to accept a crack at the battle.

Not just extra voyages, but the ghost ships are so much more powerful than the other skeleton and predecessor ships. Ghost ships can shoot ghouls at the enemy ships. Also, the loot of the ghost ships is very dominant. They have cursed cannonballs which are way stronger than the usual cannonballs.

Apart from big significant additions, this update will also have some small fun add ons. Now, there will be a batch of new shanties in the game and each crew can choose what they want to play. This will have no impact on the game and the shanty will be under the control of the crew. Players will now have a much upgraded and improved communication wheel with which accessing and sending of context-sensitive texts will be easy. With the wheel, players can now make important message lines like, “I see a ship” or “We need repairs”. More such options have been added to the game so that players can communicate easily even without live voice chat.

Haunted Shores can be now found live in Sea of Thieves, but the creators have planned to keep the ghost ships in the game even after the event as a persistent challenge.

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YouTube Music can Now Show Lyrics on its iOS and Android Apps

The users of YouTube Music can now enjoy listening to their favorite song along with its lyrics. The company proclaimed on 24thMarch that from now, their music service would provide the lyrics of the songs. The users who are willing to avail of this service should press the button of me while playing any song. This will pop-up the lyrics of the subsequent song beneath its tracking bar. The service will be included in both OS’s devices such as iOS and Android.

Although several music providers such as Spotify and Apple Music are providing this service for a very long time, the lyrics showing feature of YouTube Music is intended to be more advanced. Both the above-mentioned app has a real-time functioning, more clearly speaking the lyrics keep on running along with the track. Whereas in YouTube Music, the users need to hover down the lyrics in case they are willing to follow them alongside the song.

The app doesn’t contain lyrics for all the songs, as several users have complained about it. Similarly, various times YouTube Music lacks in showing lyrics. This clearly manifests that the feature hasn’t been developed properly, as it includes various flaws in it. One of the major flaws is that the lyrics need to be manually hover-down in order to read them. The second one is that the lyrics section gets totally freeze while trying to read lyrics. The last one is the app doesn’t contain lyrics for numerous songs. In reference to this context, Youtube broke its silence and said that the newly updated features are currently on testing. All the problems and the flaws will be fixed in the upcoming days.

Youtube is one of the most-streamed videos watching platforms in the world. Almost everyone is fond of it. Recently we have seen that they launched their music app known as YouTube Music, and it becomes popular in no time. However, their action of updating new feature also entice various fans towards it. But after witnessing numerous flaws in the feature, the fans are really disappointed. YouTube Music has to do something to fix these issues in their newly updated feature as soon as they can because it will not only going to ruin their reputation in the market, but it also depletes their standard in Business.

The world of streaming programs is enhancing every day, and one of the major reasons behind it is the major on-going outbreak in the world. This imposed almost everyone to dwell at their home and enjoy their favorite music, movies, or TV show. The subsequent initiative of YouTube Music to include lyrics showing a feature on these days was incredible, but due to lack of cons, it failed. Now, we all need to wait and see when YouTube fixes all the issues present in their app alongside what’s new they bring for us.

Smith is a trained expert who works with the development team with feedback from customers to make it to expectations. He lives in New York and In addition to his work, he also writes for his personal blog.



Windows provides the Sleep mode where it stops everything temporarily on Windows, but you can start where you left. Still, if you need to blackout the screen immediately, then there will be no inbuilt process. In this, you will get the list of free of charge software to switch off the screen in Windows. Go through the blog and follow the instructions to get the idea to turn off the screen of a laptop but keep the computer running.


How to Turn off Screen of the Monitor of a Laptop

Several times you may want to play music on your PC in the background. While this is the only thing, you want to do for sometimes, then it is better to switch off the screen. Such software are readily available when you may want to turn off the display.

  • Turn Off-Screen
  • ScreenOff
  • Turn Off Monitor
  • Black Top

Some can be opened directly from the system tray or may provide keyboard shortcuts.


ScreenOff is very great inhouse freeware that is not handy but particularly the quicker than most software in the list. You can switch off the monitor of Windows display in seconds as it utilizes SendMessage the Visual command to share commands to switch Offscreen. You don’t have to download the .NET  framework version nor you have to install it as it is handy so you can carry anywhere you want. It is better to place it on Taskbar to make the best use of it.

Turn Off-Screen

It is the type of bat file that may take a while to perform. It uses the C# command in the batch file; it means text process from C. Though as you open it, this will run command in PowerShell using command prompt. You can make the shortcut of the folder and allocate the keyboard shortcut to execute it fastly.

Black Top

BlackTop ships with already explained hotkey Ctrl+Alt+B, which will quickly switch off the screen. The only issue is that you have to install it.

Turn Off Monitor

It provides 3 technique to switch off the screen. You may utilize the shortcut, keyboard shortcut, or the Taskbar shortcut tab. While we are discussing the direct switch off, then ensure to set the shortcut on a keyboard as you install it. The program may be accessed from the Start section. Tap on the switch off the Monitor Settings tab to organize.

If you want to Turn Off Monitor, then you can follow the provided steps:

  1. Tap on the text box that prompts Hot Key to switch off the Monitor under the Settings option.
  2. Now click on the hotkeys, including CTRL, ALT, SHIFT, or all together with the use of the alphabet. It will then display in the text place.
  3. Press the save option if you are performing this for the first time. And you want to change it, then tap on the Change tab and hit the save option.

In a similar position, you have an option to make the keyboard shortcut to switch off the screen and then lock PC. Win + L does not switch off the display quickly, although using this option, you can select to switch off and lock the laptop instantly. You may download the switch off the Monitor option from the official site.

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The most occurred error nowadays on iPhone is error 39 and it is quite annoying. This error hinders the users to backup files, and if you are one of that user, then follow the below-written workaround for this error.

Turn off the Antivirus Program

If you would like to turn off the antivirus program,’ then abide by the given steps.

  • Hold the Win + I keys at once on your keyboard to launch the settings.
  • You should select ‘Update and Security’ and choose ‘Windows Security’ within the left-hand side button.
  • Then choose the ‘Virus & Threat Protection’ settings button.
  • You have to switch the toggle beneath the ‘Real-time Protection’ title to disable it.
  • Choose the Yes button on whichever pop-up to effectively block the Antivirus within the interfering while the backup procedure.
  • Finally, attempt to back up and check if the issue is solved or still appearing.

Remove the Photo Cache on Mac

If you wish to remove the Photo cache on Mac, then pursue the given instructions.

  • Go to the Finder menu and select the Go option and then choose Home.
  • Select Photos and then choose Photo Library or Aperture Library file.
  • Navigate to the chosen files and choose ‘Show Package Contents.’
  • Move the ‘Apple TV Photo Cache’ or ‘iPhone/iPod Photo Cache’ folder to the trash in sort to remove it.
  • Shut the screen and attempt to back up the data.
  • Now, check if the issue is solved or still appearing.

Remove the Photo Cache on Windows

If you would like to remove the photo cache on Windows, then abide by the given steps.

  • Hold down the Win + S keys at once on your keyboard to launch the search bar.
  • You have to enter ‘Apple TV Photo Cache’ or ‘iPhone/iPod Photo Cache’ into the search section and to finish the searching process.
  • Go to the folder, and right-click on it, then choose ‘Open Folder Location.’
  • Get back to the folder and choose it.
  • Hold the ‘Shift’ + ‘Delete’ keys at once to remove it properly.
  • Now, attempt to back up the device and check if the issue is solved or still appearing.

Upgrade the iTunes

If you wish to remove the iTunes, then pursue the given instructions.

  • Open the iTunes and select ‘Help’ at the upper side of the screen.
  • You should choose ‘Check for Updates’ within the list.
  • You have to wait for the check process to be finished, and whichever applicable updates will be showed on your screen.
  • Then go to the updates, download and install it.
  • Now, reboot the system and check if the issue is solved or still appearing.

Upgrade the Windows

If you would like to update the Windows, then abide by the given steps.

  • Press Win + I keys at once on the keyboard to launch the settings.
  • You should select ‘Update and Security’ options and choose the ‘Windows Update’ option from the left-hand side panel.
  • Go to ‘Check for Updates’ and wait to complete the check process.
  • When the prompt comes, select ‘Download and Install.’
  • Then you have to wait for installing the updates and attempt to back up the device.
  • Now, check if the issue is solved or still appearing.

Upgrade macOS

If you wish to update the macOS, then pursue the given instructions.

  • Navigate to Apple Menu and choose ‘System Preferences.’
  • You have to choose ‘Software Update’ and wait for the PC to look for any updates available or not.
  • Then select the ‘Update Now’ option when there are whichever applicable updates and wait for finished the process.
  • Now, attempt to back up the device and check if the issue is solved or still appearing.

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