Guilded: The Chat App Supporting Gamers Explained

The chat app Guilded supports online gamers, along with their guilds. It has several features that are useful in helping online players communicate and stay organized.

Guilded is a chat app with additional features to support online game players. Moreover, the app helps the online video game players find a suitable and competent gaming group. The online game players often find this chat app very much supportive when it comes to communicating the goals and plans of the game along with staying organized. Even though several other apps are also providing the same features and functionality, Guilded provides an enhanced level of support features for the communities of online gaming.

With the evolution of multiple social media apps and their increasing popularity among users over the past few years, gaming communities are growing at an incredible rate at the same time. The ever-growing gaming community has resulted in the launching of apps and services focusing on both a support community and gaming at the same time. However, it is not easy for services like Guilded to survive and get huge subscribers due to the tough competition. It is most likely that many online game players have already invested in another online gaming community supportive app, Discord.

Once the users download Guilded, they will get the multiple features supporting guild and teams for online gaming communities. The users will be named as Captain after downloading the app, and they not only can transform but also edit the space available for optimizing their gameplay. Moreover, the users will get several tools such as a team calendar, setup checklist, team doc channel, and a team forum. All these tools are further helping the users to augment the environment for team and guild building. Also, the digital space can be made exclusive to the members of the team only if some users are willing to personalize the setup. The app can work as the nerve center for the dedicated online game players and their communities. Besides getting the best user experience on the desktop, the willing users can get access to this app on their mobile devices by downloading the app through Google Play and App Store.

What Does Guilded Offer and How it Works?

Guilded provides profiles that can be customized by the users easily. The users can edit many things beyond their pictures and usernames. The users can enlist their games and servers in the profile list, and the username of the player can be displayed in a particular video game. The displayed usernames of the players are very much helpful for the players as they can identify the nicknames of each other for various video games while playing. Moreover, the users can use the profile feature for linking any network such as PSN Account or Xbox Live for an individual game. The tab given for adding media can be used by the online gaming players to attach and show funny messages, memes, and other videos. Additionally, the users can use the app for displaying their status, replying to the messages, and for feedback making the app much like a forum and a hybrid of social media.

Apart from these, Guilded has several other features such as its servers can be marked favorite. Then there is an option to alert the players or the entire guild regarding the announcement of new game events and playtime already planned. The choice of telling planned playtime is beneficial for the players who wanted to connect themselves with followers. The availability of the Forum section has made Guilded the ideal place for conversation on general topics. However, there is also a facility for text messages with support for forms and polls. At last, the chat app has an option that can be used for taking part in audio-based conversations for communicating either during the game or for recreational motives.

But, the chat app is facing some problems regarding bugs and glitches preventing it from performing to full potential. For instance, due to glitch adding games to the personal server has become quite tricky. However, the company is doing everything to sort out the bugs and glitches so a dynamic user experience could be provided to the users.

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