How to uninstall and reinstall Webroot Antivirus on Mac?

Nowadays, there are several antivirus software available in the market that users can utilize to eradicate both online and offline attacks. Webroot SecureAnywhere is one of the best possible solutions that offers tons of advanced features to remove malicious viruses, block unsafe websites and downloads, malware, and more. In case you want to avail of such esteemed features, then visit and overcome the hassles easily.

To uninstall Webroot SecureAnywhere, follow the instructions below.
Shut down SecureAnywhere by clicking the Webroot icon in the menu bar and selecting Shut Down SecureAnywhere. If prompted, confirm that you want to shut down SecureAnywhere.
Open the Finder by clicking the Finder icon in the dock.
Open the Applications directory.
Click and drag the Webroot SecureAnywhere program icon into the Trash in the dock. A confirming window appears. Click Uninstall. Webroot SecureAnywhere is now uninstalled. There is no need to restart your computer.
Reinstall Webroot
You can install SecureAnywhere on Mac OS X 10.7 and above. An Internet connection is required to install the software.

To install the software, follow the instructions below.
Once the download completes via, look for the wsamac.dmg file.
Double-press on Webroot SecureAnywhere icon.
On the pop-up, tap on Open.
After that, choose your Language.
Then tap on the Next option.
Tap on Agree and Install to accept the Terms and Conditions.
Fill your User Name and Password to access the Macintosh account and allow it to make changes.
Click Ok and continue.
Now, choose Open System Preferences followed by a click on Security and Privacy option.
Press on the Privacy.
Navigate to the Full Disk Access.
Click on the “+” button present on the right side of the applications.
On the new window, tap on the Applications.
Next, hit the Webroot SecureAnywhere and launch it.
Hit on Webroot SecureAnywhere checkbox.
Thereafter, a pop-up will appear, tap Quit Now.
Click Next and continue.
Press on Install Extension.
Switch to the General Tab on Security & Privacy.
Press Allow and proceed further.
Lastly, complete the remaining on-screen steps and click Finish.


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When you are using the Microsoft Exchange Server Online, then it is necessary for you to patch it as soon as you can, if you didn’t do it till now. The reason for it is that the foreign remote attacks can attack its unpatched services. Yet Microsoft has not disclosed any other way to avoid the threat of the CVE-2020-0688. So, you have to work this way to secure yourself from the remote attacks.

CVE-2020-0688 Fix Underway

This vulnerability comes to light due to some anonymous researchers. He contacted the Zero Day Initiative regarding the threat, and they published it on the demoed the vulnerability, Microsoft Exchange Server RCE (Remote Code Execution). This action is conducted only to inform and educate the people. Till then, Microsoft had released the patch to eliminate the bug.

As per nature, cybercriminals came up with new and improved ideas. As the information about this bug came in the notice of the public, and in a few times, they have started a gigantic search to find the Exchange Servers, which were not unpatched till then. They had seen a lot of users in that category, and those users came out about the data which they have faced.

It happened because many uninformed users didn’t perform any activity to secure themselves. So, when they search for the ongoing yields, there are many chances that they are going to face the exploitation of CVE-2020-0688 loophole.

There are reports that there is the possibility that this evil deed is happening, but still, there is no proof that this had happened to the users (yet there are speculation but no confirmed cases, so far).

Proper Introduction

As per Microsoft, CVE-2020-0688 is defined as the RCE (Remote Code Execution) vulnerability. It can create the failure of the Exchange Server Failure due to this fact, and it can’t generate a unique key during the installation process.

As the IT sector explains, the Cryptographic Keys are the heart (source) of the collected data. If the cybercriminals (bad once) can decrypt these keys, then they have the chance that can exploit the CVE-2020-0688 vulnerability.

Microsoft has rated the severity of this threat “Important,” not the Critical or Sevier. It can be due to this fact a cybercriminal needs authentification for the access of the validation keys.

What to Do

If the person trying to get access to the Exchange Server is determined, then he can get access to the credential from any other methods too. These are old school but still effective against the uninformed users.

You have to consider this that every cybersecurity violations are not conducted by the dangerous, harmful people operating from some shed and having evil plans after getting access. It also can come from the properly validated authority to fix all possible bugs or just unsocialized harmless person with no plans.

So, you should install the patching update released by Microsoft to avoid the foreign attacks. If there is any more development, then you will have here.

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If you are a fan of the Final Fantasy Series, then it is good news that the FF7 has an ending. It provided the conclusion to the main character for this series. Do you know that FF7 has an ending which kept secret? If you have missed it, then you should not worry about it. It is not a big thing. But if you care for the proper ending, then you can check this out. If you wish to see it, then you should follow this article.

The ending sequence is just of the few seconds footage. Triggering this sequence is not that hard. At the ending, your playing avatar has to go to the bottom. If you are a fan of the series, then fair warning it can get the shivering by watching this clip. This ending clip is entirely new, and there is nothing on the trailer of the game regarding the ending of the game.

At last, the biggest question is, how can you trigger the ending sequence?

Triggering the Secret Ending of FF7 Demo

In the game, you will find no more enormous trick to trigger the ending sequence. For this sequence, you have to set the timer of the 20 minutes from the option at the time of planting the bomb. This task comes when you reach the midway in the basement of the reactor named Mako.

Even if Barret advises you to increase the timer of the bomb, don’t do it because when you set it to 20 minutes, then it will lock the secret ending. When you don’t change the timer, then there can be some heated exchange between your character and Barret. You can hear saying “cocky” and many other things addressing you.

Ignore him and focus on the task in hand, which is getting out from the radius of the explosion. As you keep going, Barret will follow you, which will be not hard because you don’t have to fave any other enemy here on. Generally, it takes 6 to 8 minutes to get out of the radius of the blast, so avoid the distraction and take minimum detours. You have only 12 to 14 minutes to spare, keep this in your mind but it will be useful if you stop at far from the radius of the blast.

Once you can get out from the blast radius, the end scene will trigger automatically. In the end scene, you will get to see the destruction of the reactor from the safe distance and the viewpoint will be from the City. After the explosion scene, you will see the glimpse of the whole game-play and here you will see your entire journey in the game in the form of small video bits. This series of glimpse will come to an end, and you will see the logo of the FF7 Demo on the screen. This way, the whole secret ending scene will end, and the game will end. By the way, if you didn’t end the game SPOILER ALERT!!

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If you often work on MS Excel, then it is very simple to add the graph in the spreadsheet. Adding the graphs or charts makes your data more interactive, productive and attractive and creating and adding the graphs is very easy. However, there are straightforward steps for creating and adding the graphs and charts in the spreadsheet while using the Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel but still, the problem lies with the sharp edges in the graph that appears by default. Even though the graphs define the up curves and downs of the data exactly, still some people don’t prefer it.

If you also don’t prefer such graphs then you can take steps to not only for smoothing the edges but also adding a new graph which will be curved too by going through the below guidelines:-

For making a smooth curved line graph

First of all, the users will need to enter their data to appear in the spreadsheet and then move ahead to select the data to make a graph.

The users will be required to move to the section Charts while going to the Insert tab and then tap on the Chart Area or Insert line tab.
The users will need to enter a line graph of 2-D that they wish to be displayed in their spreadsheet.
When you complete the inserting of the chart or graph, then click right on the line which is blue that appeared to you.
Now, go to the option Format Data Series and click on it.
The users will further find a panel on their right side and from there move straight towards the section having the option Fill & Line.
Then, the users will need to click on the checkbox with the option of the Smooth line.
For making the Curved Line Graph in the Google Sheets

The users will need to create the spreadsheet by entering proper data and then select it.
Now, the users will need to tap on the Insert option and move to choose the Chart appearing in the available options.
The users could get the chart as they need according to their data by default and you will need to change the data into a line graph.
For converting into a line graph, you will need to make a click on the options chart and then expand the appeared menu displaying the types of charts.
Further, you have to choose something from the label Line and click on it.
Now, the users will be required to move to the tab Customize and then expand the menu having the Chart style.
In the end, the users can make a click on the option of checkbox Smooth.
The users could find that after following the above guidelines carefully they will become able to change the sharp edges as per their preferences. The steps are quite straightforward and anyone could follow them conveniently. The benefits of using charts and graphs in the spreadsheet are well known to the people and they always intend to modify in the graphs so that their graphs could become more professional. Such practices not only improve your productivity but also helps you to organize your business data in a better way and more smoothly.

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Guide to download, install and Activate Webroot Antivirus using for MAC & WINDOWS users

The internet is an effective source of getting information regarding anyone or anything. However, on the internet, various types of viruses and malware are available. These malicious threats enter the device of the user when they browse the internet. The main aim of the virus is to damage the device and leak the information that is important and related to the user. For these kinds of situations, numerous antiviruses are available that stop the virus from getting in the device, or if the virus is already in, then remove it by scanning.

In current time antivirus is necessary for every user who browses the internet and what better option than Webroot antivirus. It’s a preferred antivirus and choice of millions of users around the world. It has the potential to stop and remove harmful viruses from devices such as iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android. provides multiple benefits to the user while it keeps the device protected too.


Quick scan is available.
Protects from cyber attacks.
Identifies harmful websites and ads.
Asks before deleting any personal data.
Two-way firewall protection is available.
Passwords and bank details are protected.
Keeps Android, Windows, Mac fast as ever.

For downloading Webroot in Mac, there’s a simple guide to follow.

Launch any suitable browser or Safari browser.
Search URL in the address bar.
Select and open the Webroot page and choose from Home or Business.
Add the product of your preference and add your package for downloading.
Hold until Webroot file completely download.

Downloading is the first process towards getting the Webroot file, and now you need to install it with one more process.

Search for the “wsamac.dmg” file in your system device.
Tap on the “file” and “click” to open it.
Choose a “language” that you know better.
Now press “Next” for further steps.
“Terms and Conditions” tab will show up and “Agree” on it.
Insert “Username and Password” in the columns.
Click on “OK.”
Tap on the “Open System Preferences.”
Select the option “Security and Privacy.”
Choose the “Privacy” option.
Look out for “Full Access Disk.”
Press “+” option, which is available on the upper right side of the display.
“Choose” and “Add” the application in “+” section.
Choose file and open it.
Press “Quit Now” when the next window comes up.
Press on “Next” for proceeding ahead.
Install the Extension.
In any kind of installation is available every moment for you.
Tap on the “General” tab, which is available in the present and security options.
Tap “Allow” and then “Continue.”
Read and follow the remaining guidelines.
At last, press “Finish” to exit the window.

Look for the activating guidelines after installing the with simple steps.

Look for the Webroot from multiple applications from your device.
From the following list, choose Webroot antivirus.
Choose the option “My account” and “continue.”
Put in the “activation key” in the required box.
Tap “Activate”.
Your Webroot subscription will successfully activate after the following process.

For Windows users, it’s important to download Webroot because most of the virus enters in the Windows the most. From you can get your preferred plan of Webroot, and for downloading, you need fast internet speed and start it with.

Run your preferred browser for searching for anything.
Type in your searching URL address bar.
Open the page press on any of “Home or Business” icon.
Select the product you wish to download.
Tap on “Download Now” given box.
Start “downloading” and hold up until download finishes up.

Once you download the Webroot, the next thing you need to do is install it. For doing it, there is a simple and easy guideline that you can try:

Launch the file after the download is finished.
Find your preferred language for further proceedings.
Press “Next.”
“Accept” the terms and conditions after reading them completely.
Insert your personal “Username and Password” in an empty column.
After inserting now, press “OK.”
Choose and click the “Open System Preferences.”
Click on the option “Security and Privacy.”
Then select “Privacy” bar.
Examine the complete “Access Full Disk.”
Hit on “+” on the right side.
Mark a “Click” on the application option.
Select sign.
A pop-up window will show up, so just choose “Quit Now.”
Proceed the step by clicking on “Next” button.
Install Extension and keep things going further.
For any kind of issue or error, just try to solve every issue regarding installing.
Furthermore, tap “Yes” and grand permission by “Allow” option.
Your Webroot will be installed by the following steps simply.

After installing, you will have the keys to activate the Webroot in your Windows device. If it’s an online version, then your key will be sent to your provided email. However, you will receive many more great offers from In the offers, there will be some additional plans for you to install.

On your Windows device, open the “Webroot” file.
Press on “My Account” in the same tab.
Insert the “Serial code” into the following box.
“Submit” the Serial code.
Now your “Webroot subscription” will be activated

If your smartphone is infected, then maybe a virus has entered your device from online or offline ways. An offline virus enters the device by sharing the file or any document. If you receive the infected file from any sender, then the virus will enter your device too. For this kind of case, it is important to use antivirus, and Webroot is helpful in this situation as well.

Run the “Google Play Store” on your mobile device
Find the Webroot in the search menu of the Google Play Store.
Click on the icon “Install.”
“Accept” the privacy of Google Play Store and press “Next.”
Wait for the file to “download.”
It will be installed automatically after downloading.
“Open” application and insert detail in the “My Account” column.
Insert personal detail like “username” and “password.”
Add “product key” in the blank text box.
After inserting the press “activate” icon.
Your Webroot will be activated in your Android device.

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Virtual Private Network is a private network that provides various services to its consumers to transfer and accept data in both public or shared networks. It works if its computing devices are connected directly to private networks. It helps to connect various VPN enabled applications running on multiple devices such as smartphone, desktop or a laptop. VPN helps you to enhance security, app management and functionalities related to your private network.

VPN also provides another feature to auto-connect applications with the launching of VPN on Windows 10. The automatic features enable your application to auto-sync to VPN when you launch it.

Pursue these instructions if you wish to connect an application to VPN on the startup:

Adding VPN Auto Triggering Feature

First and foremost, set up your VPN connectivity on Windows 10.
Then, you will be required to expand the interface of PowerShell on your device. To do this, same, tap on Start tab from your system desktop.
Then, enter the keyword “Powershell” into the search menu.
After that, apply the right mouse click on the option “Windows PowerShell” and tap on “Run as Administrator” option by navigating the menu option.
Now, hit the “Yes” tab once the prompt appears, asking for your confirmation to access your system.
Then, navigate to the window of PowerShell and enter the under-mentioned keywords:

After that, replace these with your VPN connection name and file location of the app that you wish to use accordingly.
“Add- Vpn_Connection_Trigger_Application – Name “” –ApplicationID “.”

Note: Ensure that you have included quotation marks in the above path.

Now, tap the enter key to apply your command.
After that, a prompt will appear related to PowerShell notifying you that split tunnelling feature is set turned Off by default. If you wish to continue, give your confirmation and activate the respective feature before initiating for the trigger.
Now, you have to enter “Y” character once the pop-up shows on your screen followed by the Enter key to proceed.
Note: It is directed to turn On Split Tunneling feature for making it auto-trigger for quick connection every time whenever you launch VPN service.

Split Tunneling splits all the currently existing traffic and only allows the relevant data comes from your expanded or connected app to flow via VPN. It prevents Windows from being routed to all the network traffic via VPN once the app triggers to launch.

Now, enter the following command into the PowerShell and then replace with the name of your VPN:
” Set-Vpn_Connection- Name ” ” -Split_Tunneling $_True.”

After that, tap on the Enter key.
If you don’t need to terminate your connection and unfortunately, the app gets closed by mistake, then you may set a timeout buffer for the application to make it restart.

After that, enter the command “Set-Vpn_Connection -Name “” -Idle_Disconnect_Seconds ” into your PowerShell followed by Enter key.
Then, you have to replace the command “ with the connection’s name. Also, replace the command with second’s count and wait for a little until you see a confirmation prompt related to the termination of your connection.
At last, once the app shuts off, your system’s Window will wait for about 10 seconds until VPN terminates successfully.
Checking Auto-Triggering Application to VPN

If you wish to check which application you have set for triggering for a start to your VPN, you have to different options:

Using PowerShell cmdlet
Navigating File Explorer and Editing Phonebook
Through Cmdlet of PowerShell

Firstly, tap the Start button and then enter “Powershell” into the search pane followed by entering the key.
Now, you have to apply right click on the option Windows PowerShell and then tap the menu.
Next, choose the option Run as Administrator.
After that, hit the “Yes” button appears via a prompt dialogue box, asking your confirmation for accessing on your device.
Now, enter the following command followed by enter key:
“Get+ Vpn_Connection_Trigger + Connection_Name ”

Then, replace the keyword with your VPNs name and hit Enter.
Through File Explorer

First of all, expand File Explorer and enter the command in the address pane:
“C:\ Users\ \ App_Data\ Roaming\ Microsoft\ Network\ Connections\ Pbk.”

Then, it would help if you replaced “” with existing VPN username followed by the enter key.
Now, right-click the option “ras_phone.pbk,” and hit the desired text editor where you wish to launch your file.
Note: Most of the “Text Editor” holds the Find feature for those who don’t wish to scroll for searching each application.

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How to Delete Old Emails From Gmail (In a bunch)

Launching the Gmail on a laptop or phone can be a little hectic. You may not have checked the mail for days, and what is waiting can be terrific. Numbers of unread mails, mainly the newsletter or spam that you don’t want to sign in for with the few mails that important for you. As you may get deep to remove all the junk altogether, the quantity of forgot letters in the inbox overpowers you. You want to sign out and don’t want to sign in again.

Remove Old Mails

If you have always delayed removing the mails, you may have to clear it now. A normal Gmail account offers 15 GB of the storage space. If the accumulated capacity of the mail reaches a saturation point, then Gmail will inquire about removing older emails and it becomes more annoying.

If you still want to delay and don’t want to remove mails, then you have to get the paid account. Though most of the users won’t pay for using the mail address and so removing junk is the better option. Follow the given instructions to get the idea to remove the mails in bulk, individually, or by the date.

Removing Particular Emails

If you wish to remove particular emails, then pursue the given instructions:

Step 1

Sign in to the Gmail account.

Step 2

Gmail will launch the inbox of the account by default. If the inbox does not appear because of any reason, then tap on the top left of a page.

Step 3

Choose the emails that you like to remove by ticking on the boxes at the left of the senders’ names. Click on as many mails as you want to remove and tap on the trash can option under the search box. You will then get the notification at the bottom left by informing that all the mails have sent to the trash.

Step 4

Keep in mind though your mails have removed from the inbox, they will be in the trash folder. If you need to raise the Gmail space, you have to clear the trash too. You can do it by scrolling down to the More at the left of a page. New options will be there like Trash, Spam, Receipts, and many more.

Tap on Trash. The entire removed files will be there. Tick the boxes that you need to remove and then press the Delete Forever option under the search option. You can also remove all the mails together by ticking the boxes under the search box and then tap on Delete forever option.

Remove Mails by Date

If you need to remove the mails, you get before the specific date. You first have to insert the particular date in the search box to filter the mails before the date. For instance, if you need to remove all the mails you get before the 5th of January, you have to insert 2019/05/1 in the search box.

You have to insert the date in YYYY/DD/MM format.

All emails will appear below. If you like to remove all the mails, then tick box under search bar tap on the trash can tab beside it. If you need to remove mails separately, tick only those boxes beside the mails that you need to remove.

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